The Hongyuan Park on the Xixi Wetland can be called “the final important work” of the Xixi Wetland Comprehensive Protection Project. This area, with the connotation of culture on Wuchang families and family Hong, is one important functional block with the characteristic of water village in the Xixi National Wetland Park.

The Hongyuan Park on the Xixi Wetland recovers as well as reserves culture of one venerable and distinguished clan by the Qiantang River - family Hong, who has lived and multiplied in Xixi for over 600 years, considered as one important part of Hangzhou’s cultural characters. “Ecological wetland abundant in water, hometown of HONG Sheng, one of Chinese opera writer” makes Xixi, such a wonderland with learned and refined characteristic as well as natural charm, only for you.

Xixi is delicately beautiful and its ancient elegance remains as before, what a gorgeous scene! Profound historical culture and full-bodied pastoral character make the scenic spots- “Lingering Charm of Hongyuan Park” “Dragon Boat Contest” “Paddling a boat in reed catkins under moonlight” “Prosperous and dazzling red Persimmon tree over the ripples” and “Causeway Shou”, distinctive among all of Xixi’s three Causeway and Ten Sights.